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“Key to being able to DOUBLE my 7 figure business last year”

“ Working with Emerald was a “soul opening” experience – one that opened me up to step into my leadership role in a more powerful and free way. Being firmly grounded in my power was key to being able to DOUBLE My 7 Figure Business last year! If you are ready to leap fearlessly into your highest level of service and profit handsomely from following your Spiritual Path, then I recommend you speak with Emerald right away!”

Lisa Sasevich

“The Queen of Sales Conversion” & Multi-Millionaire Speaker

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45% Conversion

Before working with Emerald, I already had a multiple 6-figure business and I was excited to take it to the next level. At the same time, I also felt drained and was concerned the energy output required to ascend would burn me out completely.

Thankfully, Emerald took a huge stand for me and my self-care, giving me guided principles that were customized to me, and as I was on the brink of launching my new speaker summit Bold New World, I listened to Emerald and increased my self-care dramatically.

The result was nearly 50 attendees in the room and a 45% conversion with a multi-thousand dollar offer from stage. It was my single biggest success from a live event, and Emerald was a key part of it!"

~Jon Block, Founder & Master Trainer of Speaker Venture

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“Amazing, Warm, Exciting, Kind and On Fire - Took us from 7-8-9-10 Figures in Possibility”

You and I had a private session together a couple of days ago - it was around wealth, prosperity, abundance, about what I would be open to, and would I be expansive and would I dare to move out of my own way. Can I tell you this took us from 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 figures in possibility and so we’re so excited about what our reality will be as a result of our action aligned with our intention. Girlfriend - you got the goods - you opened up the door.

Allyson Byrd America’s Profit Accelerator - Best Selling Author & Chief Money Mover as featured in Black Enterprise

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Helped me find my focus!

Emerald Peaceful GreenForest's Crystallize Your Message Laboratory Intensive really helped me find my focus! Before working with Emerald, I knew I wanted to help women with children but I didn't know how. My passion was strong but my vision was unclear. The Crystallize Your Message Laboratory Intensive really helped me explore my ideas, bring them to a focus and define a business based on them. I highly recommend going through this work if you have a message you want to get out into the world! I am now able to clearly speak about the problem I solve for my clients and why my work is needed at this time. Truly, if you have a message, the world needs to hear it! Emerald can help you get free and clear enough to get it out there!

- Alicia Power of healthechasm.com

Daniel Asher Francis

I highly recommend Emerald's work!"

Emerald’s strategic insight and guidance has been an absolute blessing.

Her ability to cut straight to the truth and get to the core of whatever challenge I face has been extremely valuable, allowing me to continually progress and move forward in my business.

She’s wonderful at helping to keep the big lofty vision and holding you to that standard while also being great at getting down to brass tacks, and accountability.

If you have a vision you want to take to the world and need assistance in bringing it to fruition, I highly recommend Emerald's work!

~ Daniel Francis, Founder, The Elite Man Academy.


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It was a blast to stretch the envelope with you!

Thank you! It was a great call and I loved the energy. Today was awesome…sales will keep coming in and it was a blast to ‘stretch’ the envelope with you! Keep up your amazing work and yes we will even more fun on the Messenger Event!

-Darius M. Barazandeh Producer You Wealth Revolution Telesummit

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My Audience has always been “wowed”…

“Emerald has spoken for me 5 times over the years. My audience has always been “wowed” by her material, as she not only has valuable content she also engages all in attendance. The feedback we received as a result of booking Emerald was that it was time well spent on the part of the participants and that they would gladly come see her present again.

I can not recommend her highly enough.”

Cami Baker AKA Angel West
International speaker

Networking with Confidence Guru
Author of “Mingle to Millions, The Art and Science of Building Business Relationships and Mastering Referrals”


I know a professional when I hear one!

As a former broadcaster (suit) for the broadcast “arm” of Meredith Better Homes & Gardens driving news-talk formats I believe I know a professional when I hear one. Yes, you!

-Stephen “Steve” Q Shannon Nationally Recognized Concierge Career Trainer



What you are looking for in a coach is someone like her….

I think Emerald is one of the most insightful, intuitive, genuine people that I have ever met. What I would say to you – and I do not endorse people lightly – is that to just have a couple of months in her presence will change your business and your life. My partner Melonie & I often joke “How did such a woo woo person get so grounded?” What you are looking for in a coach is someone like her – who has both roots and wings.

-Suzanne Evans NY Times Best Selling Author, Inc 500 Award Winning Multi-million dollar business coach