Hello Visionary Creative Age Leader!

I’m so happy you are here!  I know a bit about you too…..

± You ARE a Messenger, A Conscious Entrepreneur, A VISIONARY LEADER

± You Can’t Seem to Get it totally together the way you know you are meant to in order to REV UP YOUR REVENUE & CONVERT your CALLING into CONSISTENT CASHFLOW that continues to increase over time

± You are plateaued in your earnings and income is being outpaced by outflow

± You are RIPE & READY TODAY to LEAP FEARLESSLY, Invest Wisely & Profit Handsomely from Following Your Purposeful Path

AND you feel a deep desire to:

Increase Income
Ramp Up Revenue
Amplify Return on Investments
Create Cash Flow Consistency
Attract Wealth
Exponentially Expand Expense Management
Step in to Sacred Wealth Stewardship
Practice Philanthropic Giving
Lead and Live Your Legacy of Light

But that’s not exactly happening right now…..

What’s happening instead?

Well it’s likely you may be suffering from what I like to call IDLS!

What the heck is THAT??

IDLS otherwise known as I Don’t Like Selling syndrome is a terrible dis-ease that adversely effects you in getting out there and asking for money – especially BIG money! 

Some of the symptoms include:

± Asking For Money Happens Very Irregularly &Infrequently

± “Business” is on Credit Card Life Support

± Program Anemia  (unfilled or underfilled)

± Products sitting dead in the morgue (cold storage)

± Cold Sweats thinking about Speaking to Sell

± Phone Phobia

± Networking  Nervosa  (Wrong Places, Biz Card Binging)

± Pricing Paralysis

± Math Amnesia (didn’t calculate sufficiently  or value properly)

± Month Obesity (More Month Than Money)

± ADVANCED CASE = Time for Dollars Trauma


It’s TIME to transform and to take on the challenge of clearing out all the cobwebs that are clogging up your capacity to create BIG REVENUE in your business so you can finally and fully serve your greatest purpose with ease, joy and the sweet satisfaction that comes from knowing that the “money part” of things is simply handled. 

I INVITE YOU NOW to get registered  for the Big Revenue Breakthrough Retreat that's happening on November 9, 2018.   This retreat is limited to a maximum of only 12 attendees.  Magnificent beings just like you are now enrolling and there are only a handful of spots left.