Hi, I’m Emerald


This page is supposed to be about me but frankly I'm more interested in focusing it to be about YOU - and Your Breakthrough!  What the world needs now is so much love and gratitude and when YOU are clear on your vision, courageous sharing your voice, and consciously creating value with what you are offering then the world will naturally become a better and more beautiful place to be.   This world is ours for the shaping - and your breakthrough out of the clouds of confusion, conditioning and collapsing in the face of your calling is the single most important thing that you can focus on in order to fully serve your purpose, your people and your pockets.

What I know to be true is this life requires some things of you....

First you must awaken to your calling - you wouldn't be on this page if you weren't already awake!

Second you must answer that calling - and commence to create the conscious communication and  activate the change contribution that you came to the planet to deliver.

Finally you must create a container that consistently commands more than enough cash flow to be able to grow your gifts and become even more generative in order to fully materialize the legacy of light you are meant to leave when the time comes for you to be complete.

How this happens is up to you of course and for many the road is long, unmapped and filled with all kinds of distractions, dangers and even disease.   For a select few of you though - you may see that it makes a whole lot more sense to enlist SUPPORT!

Support is what I am about - and what I am here to offer - so if the time has come for you to clear your vision, crystallize & communicate your message or command more cash flow than you ever have before then I am here to co-create a big beautiful breakthrough with you.

I look forward to connecting to see if we are a fit to play, partner and prosper together.

High achieving creative age leaders hire me for the biggest breakthroughs of their lives.

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